Effortlessly Build Your Own AR Experiences

Don’t have the skills to build AR in-house? No problem.

ImagineAR’s powerful platform allows you to bring your ideas to life by removing the technical hurdles between you and incredible AR experiences.

The Benefits of ImagineAR

Creative Freedom.

ImagineAR’s platform provides simple tools that let you design and build AR experiences without needing to code.

Real-time edits can be made in the cloud, making your campaign seamless and agile.

Extensive 3D Library.

Quickly build your AR campaign with ImagineAR’s extensive library of customizable 3D models.

Models are highly detailed with realistic texture and shadows cast by real-life lighting conditions.

White Labelling.

What’s the point of creating incredible AR experiences if your customers don’t know who’s responsible? Branding is vital to a great campaign.

White labelling lets your brand shine.

Marketing Intelligence.

Use real-time data to learn what your customers love, do more of it, and get the most out of your campaigns.

And all that data? ImagineAR provides secure cloud storage to keep you and your customers safe.

Access Experts.

You don’t have to be technically skilled to create immersive AR content using ImagineAR’s platform.

But if you’d like to help to make your project absolutely perfect, their experts can guide you every step of the way.

Two Ways to Engage Your Audience

Image-based AR.

Bring your marketing materials to life by allowing customers to scan any image you choose, instantly transforming them into interactive experiences.

Image-based AR creates a brag-worthy way for customers to interact with your brand, no matter where they are in the world.

Location-based AR.

Encourage customers to come to you by creating AR experiences that are exclusively available at specific locations.

Whether you want customers to hunt for hidden treasures, virtually meet their idols, or have an unexpected adventure in your store, location-based AR make you a destination.

Features Designed to Enhance the Experience

  • Content sharing
  • Rewards
  • Sweepstakes
  • Coupons
  • Scavenger hunts
  • Digital greeting cards
  • More!

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Live Events

Refresh corporate events and conferences with AR enhancements, interactive promotional materials and hidden content. Drive powerful personal connections with exciting technology your audience will share and remember.


Create compelling in-store experiences to enhance the look, feel, and effectiveness of your brand. What kind of experiences? Augmented reality signage, hidden features, special offers, and events to drive traffic to your physical location.

Advertising & Promotions

Design immersive promotional materials that drive emotional connection and delight consumers. Bring print, brand packagingm and catalogues to life with AR content that supports video, user journeys, and personalized experiences.

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